School of Management & Medical Information Sciences

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The faculty of Management and Medical Information Sciences was founded following the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities Development in October 1993. Initially, the faculty offered undergraduate degree courses. Later, in the academic year 2005, postgraduate department was launched introducing master degree courses. In the academic year 2013, PhD courses was run as well. By training specialist staff members, this faculty is one of the centers that plays a basic role in maintaining and promoting the health of the society which is the ultimate goal of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The faculty of Management and Medical Information Sciences has attempted to establish mint condition in Education, production, and promotion of useful sciences, expansion of knowledge and technology boundaries considering global criteria with scientific authority and Islamic identity in Iran, through a dynamic and constructive national and international interactivity with scientific, health and treatment centers.To educate devoted and faithful human resources in the fields of Healthcare Services Management, Health Information Technology and Medical Library and Information Sciences and to do applied researches in the specialized fields to answer challenges in health system in order to achieve the promotion of social health.