School of Rehabilitation Sciences

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Photo Name Degree Rank Research Interest Email

Mostamand, Javid


Ph.D. Associate Professor Sports physical Therapy
Biomechanics of lower extremities

Azadeh, Hamid


Assistant Professor

(Retired Professor)

Electrodiagnosis in neuromuscular disorders

Pourmomeny,  Abbasali Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(Retired Professor)

Pelvic floor
Lower motor neuron lesions
Ghasemi, Ehsan Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Motor control, Neurorehabilitation,
Balance rehabilitation in upper motor neuron lesion

Motor learning
Heshmatipour, Mojtaba M.Sc.


Electrotherapy, Needling,
Knee Replacement,

Myofascial Release
Karimi, Abdolkarim Ph.D. Assistant Professor Musculoskeletal disorders
Mirbod, Sayed Mohsen M.Sc.


Knee problems
Rezaeian, Zahra Sadat Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Tissue and Joint Biomechanics,

cardiovascular dynamics

Roghani, Tayebeh

Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Age-related hyperkyphosis,

Taheri, Navid Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Musculoskeletal disorders,
ultrasonic imaging in rehabilitation,

evaluation and treatment of spinal problems
Bokaee, Fateme Ph.D. Assistant Professor Musculoskeletal, Obesity, Respiratory system
Kalbassi, Gitta Ph.D. Assistant Professor Musculoskeletal pain and injury, with a specific interest in LBP  based on classification systems, MSK ultrasonography
Baharlouei, Hamzeh Ph.D. Academic Staff

Geriatric physiotherapy,

Transcranial direct current stimulation