School of Rehabilitation Sciences

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Photo Name Degree Rank Research Interest Email
Falahzadeh, Somayeh (Head) M.Sc. Instructor

Auditory Electrophysiology, 
Auditory Language-Speech processing
Auditory Rehabilitation (Hearing Aid, Cochlear Implant)

Balance and Vestibular System

Hasani, Sara M.Sc. Instructor

Auditory Evoked Potentials, Tinnitus, Neuroplasticity, Hearing Aids, Balance Rehabilitation
Moghadasi, Fatemeh M.Sc. Instructor


Auditory Training
Nilforoush, Mohammad Hossein M.Sc. Instructor

Hearing Aids
Diagnostic Audiology

Sepehrnejad, Mahsa M.Sc. Instructor

Cochlear Implant
Pediatric Audiology
Talebi, Hossein Ph. D. Assistant Professor

Auditory Neuroscience
Auditory Perception

Auditory and Balance Evaluation and

Jafari, Meymaneh M.Sc. Instructor

Balance and Vestibular System Rehabilitation

Cochlear ImplantHearing Aids