School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The school of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1956, since that time, the school is fostering a vast number of Pharm.D and Post-graduate students yearly.

The school of Pharmacy at Medical University of Isfahan (MUI) consists of educators and professionals who invest themselves in the development of skills and competencies of students and provide suitable learning outcome. Students learn through a range of theoretical, practical, clinical and professional learning methodology which makes them qualified healthcare professionals in future.

Research is of high priority to the school and conduct alongside teaching under the supervision of  professionals. The school’s investment in facilities and equipment along with the pharmaceutical factory contribution testify its long-term commitment to research. The school  continue to induce a firm interdisciplinary approach to research that promotes its reputation.    

By training Pharmaceutical specialists, this school has a basic role in the maintaining and promoting of community health which is the ultimate goal of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.