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The Department of Urology at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) dates back to more than 40 years ago when it was established as a subdivision of the Department of Surgery. Ever since its humble beginnings and especially after evolving into an independent department in 1993, we have always strived to achieve and maintain excellence in urologic patient care, research and teaching. Our Department has become a major hub for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and affections involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs.

Inpatient as well as outpatient services are provided at Al-Zahra and Al-Mahdi hospitals. Our skilled team of general and subspecialty-trained urologists (endourology and urologic laparoscopy, urologic oncology, female urology, pediatric urology, and renal transplantation) provides excellent care individualized to the needs of the patient. A multidisciplinary approach contributes significantly to our providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based urologic healthcare.  Our group was one of the first in the country to embrace minimally invasive urologic procedures.  The faculty also designs, conducts, and publishes research relevant to the diseases of the genitourinary tract.

Through our commitment to education, three to five residents are admitted every academic year. Urology residency at IUMS is a fully accredited four-year program that provides in-depth academic and clinical experience. The endourology fellowship training expected to be launched soon will complement our strong and comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate educational programs.