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This department divided two groups: community medicine and family medicine

The vision is to improve the health of our communities and reduce healthcare disparities through leadership and excellence in community and family medicine education, clinical practice, research, and community service and achieve sustainable, quality health globally

The specialty of community and preventive medicine is a clinical specialty. This specialty was launched with the goal of training human resources with the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to identify, plan and solve health and population health problems, It's possible at three levels of prevention.

The specialty of family medicine is to developing exemplary family physicians and future leaders in healthcare through clinical excellence, professional education, administrative leadership and robust research

Established at 1991 as the Department of community medicine and developed to community and family medicine at 2015


  • Community Service: Work in partnership with individuals, community organizations, and government to address unmet health care needs in our community.
  • Clinical Practice: Provide the highest quality, cost-effective, and innovative patient-centered care to a diverse population through interdisciplinary collaboration and to improve access to such comprehensive care and prevention for all patients and populations.
  • Medical Education: Develop and maintain community and family medicine educational programs for students, residents, physicians, faculty and practicing physicians to train future leaders in academic community and family medicine.
  • Research: Promote the discovery and dissemination of knowledge important to clinical practice, education, and the organization of health care, with a focus on improving healthcare communication and reducing disparities that is relevant to the advancement and practice of Community and Family Medicine.

.Management : Consultation, management and policy in the field of prevention and promotion of health at various levels including the university, departmental staff (provincial and national) and community

  • Faculty members are 14

Programs and degrees: Post medical doctor graduate, Specialty degree  (Iranian board certified) in   Community medicine and  family medicine.

  • Careers & the Field:

P  Community medicine: include life style studies, basic biostatistics and basic epidemiology, community health care management. Prevention of diseases in tree level (primary, secondary, tertiary), health care consultation, research

  • Family medicine: include comprehensive patient management, understand the context of the illness, prevention or health education, views practice as a "population at risk". Manager of resources.