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Psychiatry studies and works on mental health promotion and diagnosis and management of behavioral disorder. In IUMS students and residents learn interview, evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients. Also, They learn how to study and promote the community mental health.

Established in 1977 as the Department of Psychiatry.

  1. Promotion of community mental health via education of qualified psychiatrist and so, minimizing the time and distance needed to be visited by a clinician.
  2. Promotion of availability of the up to date scientific information and supplies in psychiatry and behavioral sciences.
  3. Developing the researches and education about psychiatric and behavioral issues of the community.

More than 20 faculty members, board certified of psychiatry, psychology and social sciences.

Careers & the fields:

General, Emergency, Child and adolescence, Psychosomatic, Social and geriatric psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Clinics, Wards, PES, ECT, Hot line, Biofeedback and Instruments.