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The field of physiology includes many subdivisions such as viral physiology, bacterial physiology, plant physiology, and human physiology. Human physiology describes the functions and the normal mechanisms of living body system. Every scientist in the field of human physiology has sought to learn about the nature and progression of human life from the birth to death.  Therefore human physiology focuses on organs, cells, and biomolecules involved in human body functions to explore the mechanism of how body works, while these mechanisms help us to understand the nature of illness for suitable treatment strategy.

The Department of Physiology at IUMS currently embeds in the School of Medicine; however it is established for the first time in 70 year ago as Department of Biology and Physiology in the Faculty of Sciences.  Twenty five year later in 1970, the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology as a single department was formally established in the Faculty of Medicine at IUMS. Later in 1985, this department was divided in two Department of Physiology and Department of Pharmacology. Therefore, the Department of Physiology officially was formed in 1985.  Up to now, the Department of Physiology as one of the major departments in School of Medicine at IUMS has been performed excellent activities in teaching and research.

At present, the Department of Physiology at IUMS internationally recognizes with fifteen academic members that provide excellent teaching for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and midwifery, paramedical, and post graduate students. The Department of Physiology at IUMS offers more than fifty courses in each semester. There are four sophisticated research labs in the fields of cardiovascular physiology, neuroscience physiology, endocrine & metabolism physiology, and renal physiology. The department attracts may research grants every years in the field of addiction, behavioral physiology, renal circulation & regeneration, sport physiology, cardiovascular physiology & hypertension , and cellular & cancer physiology.  The graduated students from the Department of Physiology at IUMS have been earned the different scientific positions in or out of the country. The Department of Physiology always welcomes national or international intelligent