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Orthopaedic surgery is a specialty dealing with all injuries and disorders of upper and lower limbs and spine, and their prevention ,diagnosis,and treatment.

These disorders include elements of soft tissue, bones and joints of all four limbs and spine.

Orthopaedic specialty is generally divided to two subgroups.

One group consists of emergencies and trauma(all fractures and dislocations,soft tissue injuries of limbs and spine)and the other group includes non-emergent (elective) disorders which deal with diagnosis and treatment of congenital and developmental deformities,rheumatologic disorders,inflammatory disorders,infectionstumors , sport injuries and geriatric medicine.

Orthopaedic surgery specialty consists of several sub-specialties and fellowships like hand surgery fellowship ,shoulder surgery fellowship, hip and lower limb reconstruction surgery fellowship, knee surgery fellowship, foot and ankle fellowship, sport medicine fellowship, spine surgery fellowship.

Orthopaedic surgery is practiced in clinical environment playing a role in non-operative diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic disorders and also it is practiced in operation rooms in which operations are performed.orthopaedic department is responsible for teaching and educating interns,externs,and students of medicine.besides , treatment of elective and emergent disorders and in higher levels ,educating orthopaedic residents as future orthopaedic specialties and fellowship and graduates in subspecialties is another duty of this department.

Another responsibility of orthopaedic department is to hold educational courses and re-educational sessions for orthopedists to promote and update their knowledge.

In orthopaedic department, there are 14 faculty members of Isfahan medical university as associate professors :

General orthopedist: 4 members

Spine fellowship : 3 members

Hand fellowship: 2 members

Lower extremity fellowship : 2 members

Knee fellowship: 3 members

Pediatric fellowship :1 member