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Neurology department at IUMS seeks to improve and develop the care of patients with neurologic diseases. At IUMS Health School, students will learn how to diagnose, prevent and treat the neurological disease in various fields, such as stroke, neuroimmunology (multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular disoeder), epilepsy, neurointervention, headache, movement disorder and sleep disorder.   .

Established in 1970 as the Department of Neurology.

C To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in neurology.

CTo educate the student and resident in neurological field.

C To provide the highest quality service in neurologic patient care.

More than 14 faculty members

Specialty degree in Neurological disease (Iranian board certified)

Fellowship of epilepsy (Iranian board certified)

Fellowship of neuromuscular

Fellowship of interventional neuroradiology.

Career & the Field:

Stroke and interventional neuroradiology

Neuromuscular disease




Angiography unit.

Neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic unit.

Epileptic lab (LETM) and epileptic surgery.

Neurosonography unit.

Multiple scelerosis unit