School of Medicine

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A set of educations in ethical, political, and social basic sciences required by medical students, in the form of theoretical courses, free-thinking panels, and open-ended questions and answers.

Purpose and mission of the group:
Empowering students in the field of Islamic education, strengthening Islamic insight, creating commitment and motivation to respect Islamic and human values, preserving the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, and providing training to shape the human personality and improve the students guild personality. 
Careers and the field:
Islamic Education Department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences employs Islamic expert professors in 7 trends for all fields of study at different levels to provide basic education in Islamic studies as follows:
1- Theoretical fundamentals (Islamic Thought 1 and 2)
2- Islamic Ethics
3 -Islamic sources introduction (Quranic or Nahj al-Balaghah interpretations)
4- History of Islam
5- Islam  and  History of Iran’s culture and civilization
6-Islamic Revolution of Iran
7-Science of Family and population

It should be noted that the lesson of “familiarity with the culture and values ​​of the sacred defense “ is also offered to students as an optional course under the supervision of Islamic education Department