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 Growth and development of health psychology departments owes to the paradigm shift in medical sciences and the establishment of new dialogue based on bio-psychosocial models. Changing the pattern of disease prevalence from contagious to non-contagious and identifying the role of psychological and social variables introduced a new definition of health and disease that highlighted the role of psychology in explaining, preventing, treating and rehabilitating alongside other medical disciplines. According to this inevitable necessity, the Department of Health Psychology was founded at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2017

       Graduates of this field work in conjunction with other medical professionals to examine the psychological dimensions of physical illness and present their intervention plans in collaboration with the treatment team.


Department of Health Psychology of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences has the mission of training health psychologists. The most important missions are as follows:

1- Master of Science in Health Psychology

2- Establishing PhD course in Health Psychology

3 – Establishing Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

4-  Training Research-based doctoral candidates in health psychology

Group Facilities:

  1. Three classroom
  2. A conference hall
  3. Bank of psychological tests
  4. Center  of Instrumental Interventions in Psychology and Psychiatry
  5. Collaboration with department of psychiatry in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
  6. Collaboration with Behavioral Sciences Research Center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.
  7.  Collaboration with and access to the educational fields of clinics and centers for Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology as well as Clinic and research center of Diabetes and Metabolism.