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Human anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the human body. Anatomy forms firm foundation of the whole art of medicine, and introduce the students to the greater part of medical terminology. At IUMS, school of medicine students will learn how to apply the anatomical knowledge (Gross Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, and Developmental Anatomy) in various fields of basic medical reaserches, such as, stem cells, fertility and infertility, chondrocyte researches, neuroscience, tissue engineering, survey researches, cancer biology, radiographic anatomy and plastination techniques etc.

Established in 1946 as the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Molecular Biology.

  • To contribute to the advancement and application of the anatomical knowledge to the medical, clinical and surgical practices for public health.
  • To establish a vigorous curriculum in the field of gross anatomy, embryology , histology, surface anatomy, radiographic anatomy and clinical anatomy as a means of developing new scope of modern anatomy for all possible techniques which can enlarge the boundaries of the anatomical knowledge. It also provide wide foundation for various research opportunities for students.
  • To maintain and develop a strong, internationally recognized graduate, post graduate an doctorate of philosophy programs  for study and training of research scholars who can influence and determine pioneering leadership roles in fields of academy and public health researches.
  • More than 18 faculty members.
  • Program & Degrees : MSc, of anatomy

    Ph.D, of anatomy

  • Stem cells.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Fertility and infertility.
  • Cancer biology.
  • Chondrocyte researches.
  • Plastination techniques.
  • Stem cell labs,
  • Museum of anatomy (3D and thin sectional plastinated specimes developed in department).
  • Electronic histological labs.
  • Plastination labs.
  • Unique master pieces of anatomical models developed in department.
  • Dissection hall.