School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

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Medical Imaging Technology is a modern multidisciplinary field that incorporates advanced and up-to-date imaging techniques. Graduates of this field can carry out educational, research and advisory activities that will help to understand the functioning of the anatomical, physiological, metabolic and functional systems of the human body, specifically in Neurology and molecular-cellular processes, using Common and modern Imaging techniques.

The Bioimaging department of SATM started the admission of PhD candidates in the academic year 2019.

Training qualified biomedical engineers via practical and theoretical teaching methods. Close cooperation with research and therapeutic centers to improve public health and achieve sustainable development.

The areas of research in Bioimaging (Neuro imaging) are as follows:

  1. Working with professional software for analyzing images and measurement of quantitative and qualitative parameters in images;
  2. Computing and analyzing data;
  3. Working with professional imaging devices and configuring its protocols;
  4. Analyzing structural images of the brain and corticometry;
  5. Mapping of neurological processes using functional imaging;
  6. Identifying various anatomical and functional parts of the brain;
  7. Designing and implementing functional imaging tests.