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The Vice-Chancellery for Education is responsible for all major educational affairs of the University.

Main responsibilities:

·         Supervising the educational affairs of schools to ensure the implementation of educational programs, curriculums and regulations

·         Formulating general principles and guidelines for educational programs

·         Deciding on the educational issues in question

·         Performing investigations on the necessity of changing or developing the educational programs of university

·         Implementing the degrees of the University Educational Council

·         Supervision and evaluation of the educational programs and professional courses offered by the schools

·         Supervision of educational councils at schools, the performance of students, academic members and educational directors

·         Promotion of national and international educational collaborations

·         Administration of faculty member recruitment and human resources management

·         Improving the quality of education by providing training, technical and scientific support and personal development and continuous education plans for academic staff through Medical Education Development Center


Address: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services