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Date of establishment:1995



·         Speech Therapy:

Offers professional courses on development and acquired language disorders, resonance and voice problems, fluency disorders, motor speech disorders, and swallowing difficulties beyond basic courses. Eight ST centres are active in Isfahan hospitals and healthcare centres for field training. Three specialised clinics of cleft lip and palate, evidence-based practice in developmental language disorders, and voice have been developed as complementary educational centres in order to integrate research and clinical practice.

·         Physiotherapy:

Offers professional courses on a wide variety of orthopaedic, neurological, haematological, cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynaecologic, paediatric and geriatric disorders, burns rehabilitation, manual techniques, electrotherapy and physical agents, orthotics and prosthetics interventions in acute and chronic conditions. Specialised PT clinics offer help to students in seven hospitals and health centres in Isfahan.

·         Orthotics and Prosthetics:

Offers a variety of professional modules on designing and manufacturing of orthoses, assistive devices, and artificial limbs for people with different musculoskeletal disorders. Five hospital-based centers cover the practical modules for O&P students.

·         Audiology:

Offers courses on child and adult auditory evaluation, auditory training and aural rehabilitation, assessment of tinnitus and vertigo, hearing aid calibration etc. Five hospitals and centres cover the practical modules for this Department.

·         Occupational Therapy:

Offers courses on the rehabilitation of people with neurological, motor, and orthopaedics problems. Management of developmental, cognitive and psycho-social difficulties are also included in undergraduate courses. The students are trained for rehabilitation of multi-handicapped clients.

Programs and degrees:

BSc: Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Occupational Therapy, Audiology, Optometry.

MSc: Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics.

PhD: Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Facilities and Laboratories:

A complex of clinics consisting of  Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Audiology and Optometry clinics offer specialised clinical services to patients from the region and other parts of the country.


The school includes a research complex including musculoskeletal (with motion and balance analysis, pelvic floor and bioengineering labs), cleft lip and palate and communication disorder research centers which receives research orders from industrial and social stakeholders. This research complex has regular calls for research proposals twice a year.

Other Activities:

The school has a number of collaboration programs with industry and organisations including Mobarakeh Steel Company, Social Security Department, Red Crescent, Education Department of the State, Spinal Cord Injury Association, Multiple Sclerosis Association to provide educational and research supports in rehabilitation sciences.

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