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Date of establishment: 1955

The main mission of this school is to educate and train pharmacists, scientists and other health care professionals, to conduct research, and serve the public and pharmacy professionals.



·         Pharmacology and Toxicology

·         Pharmacognosy

·         Pharmaceutical Chemistry

·         Pharmaceutics

·         Clinical Biochemistry

·         Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

·         Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

Fifty two faculty members conduct both educational and research activities. Annually, this school admits about 100 undergraduate, and about 30 post-graduate students.

Degrees and Programs:

Students are presently admitted in the following programs:

Pharm. D.: is based on a system of “credits". One academic year with full time study provides about 40 credits. The requirements for Pharm.D. degree program is 210 credits. A research thesis must be fulfilled at the end of the Pharm.D. program.

MSc: in Clinical Biochemistry; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; and Toxicology.

PhD: in Medicinal Chemistry;  Pharmacology; Pharmaceutics; Clinical Pharmacy; Clinical Biochemistry; Pharmacognosy; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology.

Facilities and Laboratories:

There are a number of well equipped laboratories within the school. Equipments to include: LCMS, GCMS, NMR, CHN Analyzer, Flameless Atomic Absorption, HPLC, Zeta Sizer, Capillary Electrophoresis and PCR.

Other activities:

The school of pharmacy trains community pharmacists and post-graduate students, it helps the publication of scientific articles and books, and also, in close collaboration with related industries, develops knowledge based products many of which are currently on the market.

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