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Date of establishment: 1968

School of Nursing & Midwifery is among the top rank schools in Iran with over 80 faculty members and 1300 students actively engaged in teaching and research in three disciplines: Nursing, Midwifery and Operating room



·         Adult health nursing                                                                        

·         Critical care nursing                                                                                    

·         Psychiatric nursing

·         Community health

·         Pediatrics nursing, NICU

·         Operating room

·         Midwifery and Reproductive health

Programs and degrees:

Students are admitted for the following programs:

BSc: Nursing; midwifery; and operating room.

MSc programs in nursing: Adult health nursing, Community health nursing, Geriatric nursing, Psychiatric nursing; Pediatrics nursing, NICU; Critical care nursing.

MSc programs in midwifery: midwifery education; reproductive health; forensic midwifery; midwifery management; and community oriented midwifery.

MSc in operating room.

PhD: Nursing; and Reproductive Health.


The Research Center Complex of Nursing & Midwifery consists of  research centers for Nursing & Midwifery  Care  Research  Center, Wound  Care Research Center, Women  Health Unit.

The aim of these centers is development of nursing and midwifery knowledge through conducting basic and applied research .

Other Activities:

School of  Nursing & Midwifery  publishes IJNMR in English language which is indexed in PubMed database.


Photo Gallery of School of Nursing