PhD by Research



Research Center   

Field of Study

Applied Physiology

Biological Evaluation of Anti-cancer Drugs

Behavioral Sciences

Health Psychology

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Research Institute

Cardiovascular Diseases

Clinical studies in hypertension treatment in Iran

Epidemiology  of Cardiovascular diseases

Healthy Lifestyle and patient care in cardiovascular failure

Child Growth and Development

Environmental Pollutants and Pediatrics Diabetes

Association of Environmental factors and life style during pregnancy with Children Growth and Development

Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome in Pediatrics

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Material

Application of Biomaterials in Restorative Dentistry and Dental Materials

Endocrine and Metabolism



Genetic basis of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Isfahan


Epidemiology (Diabetes, Thyroid)


Effect of Urban and Industrial pollutions on Health

Environmental factors and occupation health

Food Safety

Clinical Nutrition

Health Economy Management

Disasters Management

Infectious Diseases &Tropical Medicine

Hospital Infections and Antibiotic Resistance

Parasites and Cancer Association

Kidney Diseases

Kidney Epidemiologic Diseases

Medical Image and Signal Processing

Automated pattern recognition for the diagnosis of candidiasis from micrograph of pap test by MCA


Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Epilepsy

Multiple Sclerosis & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Pediatric Inherited Diseases

Pediatric Inherited Diseases

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Synthesis and purification of pharmacological Proteins using prokaryotic systems


Psychosomatic Approach: Functional GI Disorders

Skin Diseases & Leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis Epidemiology, Prevention and Control

Leishmaniasis, New Treatments

Hair and Skin Diseases

Torabinejad Dental Sciences

Digital Dentistry

Water and Electrolytes

Kidney Circulation and Regeneration

Kidney Tissue Injury (Animal Studies)