Facilities of the halls of residence



This university has 10 halls of residence (5 for daughters and 5 for boys) which accommodate 2500 persons with the following facilities:

A. Facilities in rooms: Refrigerator, carpet, telephone with tone system, office chair and table, wall clock, Khoshkhab mattress, bed, mirror, shoe cabinet, hanger, curtain, wardrobe

B. General facilities: Water cooler, vacuum cleaner, gas samovar, wireless networking (wi-fi), computer site, computer system at any suite, cycling ground, steam iron with ironing table, LCD television, clothes stand, firefighting pipe and capsule, shoe polishing machine, emergency staircase, emergency electrical system, grocery store, barbershop, sewing machine, cooker with thermocouple system, fax machine, TV room, prayer’s room, study hall, sport hall with sport equipment, recreational space, pavilion, telephone booth, heating system and air-conditioner, telephone center, standing mirror, refrigerator, air-ventilation system in lavatory services, kitchens and bathrooms, central exhaust fan in the halls of residence, presence sensor in the kitchen of some of the halls of residence for electrical energy saving, water tanks